Competitive Cheerleading

What are you looking for in an All-Star Cheerleading home? Woodlands Elite provides an environment with a champion’s mindset where athletes are pushed to work hard towards their individual goals as well teaching them the importance of being accountable and a productive part of a team.

Full Year Competitive Teams

All-Star teams at Woodlands Elite begin in May and end in April each year. These teams have regularly scheduled practices twice each week and attend competitions from November through April each year.

Currently, we offer the following Full Year Competitive Teams:

  • All-Star Prep/Novice – A great way to experience the competitive atmosphere of All-Star Cheerleading with less financial obligations due to fewer competitions, minimal travel and lower uniform costs. All-Star Prep/Novice teams attend competitions in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas, some of which may require a one-night hotel stay.
  • All-Star Levels 1-6 Teams – These teams will compete at 7-8 two-day events each season with several of the events being held outside of the Houston area. Most competitions will require a minimum two-night hotel stay.
  • Worlds Teams – Worlds Teams are made up of elite Level 6 athletes ages 13 or above. We will have teams in several different Worlds divisions including the Non-Tumbling divisions.

2024-2025 All Star Packet

Half Year Competitive Teams

Half season teams offer competitive cheerleading opportunities for athletes needing less time and financial commitments. These teams generally compete in two competitions. Registration for Half season teams begins in October and the season runs from November through April. The teams we offer vary by location and are based upon ages and skill levels registered each year.

Half Season Packet 2024-2025 coming September 2024

Tiny Exhibition Teams

Exhibition teams are for 3–6-year-old beginning cheerleaders. Our coaches focus on teaching proper technique in basic cheerleading skills over an hour-long class once per week. Half of the class is typically devoted to learning a choreographed 1 minute and 30 second routine, and the other half is geared towards learning new skills. These teams are excellent for gaining experience toward future competitive teams. Registration begins in June and the season runs from July to April. Exhibition team members wear a cheerleading uniform and perform at events located within the Houston area.

Tiny Exhibition Team Packet 2024-2025 coming June 2024

Start Accomplishing Your Goals

Winning is progress.

“Winning” at Woodlands Elite is more than bringing home titles from cheer competitions or attending a tumbling class. We provide tumbling and cheerleading programs that focus on the individual skills of each athlete. We offer an environment that encourages athletes of all skill levels to compete with and aspire to be the best in the sport.

“Winning” is progress. “Winning” is learning how to constructively overcome challenges and difficult times. “Winning” is waking up every day with purpose and working hard to accomplish your goals.