Woodlands Elite Cheer offers a wide range of cheerleading programs to fit your skill level. Take advantage of weekly classes starting at $75 a month at one of our local gyms.

Cheer Classes for All Ages

Our Cheerleading & Tumbling Programs

Our competitive and recreational programs offer every athlete the opportunity to pursue their own individual interests with professional instruction in a successful environment.

Competitive Teams

Full-year and half-year competition cheer teams offered for all ages and abilities

Tiny Tumblers

Introductory tumbling classes for 3-5 year olds

Beginning Tumbling

Basic tumbling classes for ages 6 and up with no experience necessary

Walkovers, Back Handsprings, Tucks, Layouts and Fulls

Specialized tumbling classes for each skill level progression

Extreme Tumbling

Top-level tumbling classes for seasoned athletes

Basic Training

Beginner cheer class that introduces tumbling, stunts, jumps, and motions


Learn technique and strength training for different types of jumps


Focuses on proper techniques of stretching to improve overall flexibility

Flyer Flexibility

Fundamentals of flying for ages 6 and up

Coed Stunt

Learn individual flying techniques in the air on our talented coed stunt coaches

School Cheer Try-Outs

Specialized class to prepare middle schoolers and high schoolers for cheer try-outs

Private Lessons

One-on-one tumbling or cheer training

Start Accomplishing Your Goals

Winning is progress.

“Winning” at Woodlands Elite is more than bringing home titles from a cheer competition or attending a tumbling class. We’re focused on providing tumbling and cheerleading programs that focus on the individual skills of each athlete. We offer an environment that allows athletes of all skill levels to compete with and aspire to be the best in the sport.

“Winning” is progress. “Winning” is learning how to overcome challenges and difficult times constructively. “Winning” is waking up every day with purpose and working hard to accomplish your goals.